Board Members

KAtCH was founded by and is run by adult Korean adoptees.
We currently have an all-volunteer board and committees to assist with events and running the organization.


Taneka Board PicTaneka Jennings, President

Taneka has been a part of KAtCH since 2009 and she enjoys the opportunity to meet and connect with other adoptees. Taneka grew up in New Jersey as part of a family of four, including one older sister. She currently resides in Chicago with her wonderful partner. Taneka’s professional passion is non-profit work at the macro-level. Her other interests are diverse and include singing, dancing, running, cooking and artistic endeavors, and she also enjoys mentoring and volunteering in the community whenever time allows.




Chris Detrych, Vice President
Chris, a Logan Square resident, was adopted at 3 months old to metropolitan Detroit.
Over the years, Chris’ adoptive experience has been somewhat active. As a child, he attended an annual adopted Koreans picnic coordinated by local participating families. As a university student, he founded an organization for adopted Koreans on campus. Chris puts a premium on providing a forum for open discussion.
A member of KAtCH since 2015, Chris also volunteers with Connect-A-Kid, a non-profit mentoring organization for transracial adoptees. Some interests include bicycling, running, trying new restaurants, analyzing music, attending live shows, road-tripping, studying maps, and meeting new people.



Danae Board PicDanae Kovac, Secretary

Danae has been a part of Korean Adoptees of Chicago (KAtCH) since 2008 and enjoys meeting other adult Korean adoptees in Chicago and around the world.  Danae was adopted as an infant and grew up in Michigan.  She has traveled back to Korea twice, in 2006 on the Holt International Adult Adoptee Motherland Tour and in 2010 for the IKAA Gathering.  Danae and her husband currently live in Chicago where Danae works in the nonprofit sector.




AnnaAnna Hu, Outreach Director

Anna Hu was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea and was adopted into a Minnesotan family at the age of seven. Anna has traveled to South Korea several times and is always trying to improve her Korean language and cooking skills. Anna started getting involved with the adoptee community in 2005 and joined KAtCH as a member in 2008. Anna has found KAtCH to be a great resource in connecting with other adoptees both locally and internationally. Anna hopes to serve by meeting the needs of the adoption communities.




userRobin Kim, Treasurer







userPete Stoffels, Board Member






userJoe Meyer, Board Member







12289644_10101934422733435_3303813530645799961_n(1)Joseph Wojowski, Board Member

Joseph has been a part of KAtCH since 2015 but an adoptee since 1985. He devotes himself to using technology to better serve the adoptee community. Joseph was born in Seoul and adopted to the suburbs of Chicago as an infant. He works in translation and specializes in Translation Technology.